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Our kids are back from Spring Break and the campaign to save our teachers is going strong.

Measure A is critical to protecting our Santa Monica and Malibu Schools!

If Measure A does not pass, we will lose up to 1 in 8 of our great teachers, cut counselors and librarians, close school libraries, increase class sizes, and make cuts to instruction in science, math, reading, writing, art and music programs.

Our students are counting on YOU to help pass Measure A. Volunteer to phone bank TODAY!

Measure A is critical for our local schools and will provide local funding that the State cannot take away.
Measure A will:

  • Protect instruction in reading, writing, math and science
  • Minimize teacher layoffs
  • Keep class sizes as small as possible
  • Help protect music and art programs
  • Keep school libraries open
  • Keep counselors, who help students stay on track and prepare for college and careers

Great schools benefit everyone.  Quality schools keep our kids in school, help protect property values and keep our community a safe and desirable place to live.

Measure A is a Special “all-mail” election – your ballot will come in the mail in early May, even if you normally vote at the polls.
We need your help to call voters about Measure A! Phoning is easy and fun.  Sign up now for phone banking

For more information about Measure A, click here.

Thank you!
Rebecca Soladay Kennerly
Community for Excellent Public Schools (CEPS), Chair
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Contact Devin Osiri, Campaign Coordinator if you have any questions:

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