Historic Numbers of Teachers Pinkslipped

“The 2010-11 school term is shaping up as one of the most austere in the last half century,” reports Tamar Lewin and Sam Dillon in their April 20th New York Times article, Districts Warn of Deeper Teacher Cuts”.  All of this a result of state budget meltdowns across the country.

The Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District is certainly one of those districts facing deep cuts, currently poised reduce its teaching staff by one in eight in response to unprecedented cuts from Sacramento. 

Districts across the country are reducing staff, increasing class sizes, cutting programs and shortening their school year.  This translates in a quantifiable decrease in the delivery of education to American students.   With more cuts on the way, the steady erosion of the quality of education for all American students feels inevitable.

However, we must not — as parents we can not accept this erosion.  

The most tangible way to fight the erosion locally is to volunteer to help pass Measure A, our local school funding measure.  

Look for your Measure A ballots in the mail!  Make sure to vote and return your ballot right away.

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