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November 13, 2013

CEPS endorses SMMUSD’s “Vision for Student Success Santa Monica Daily Press

September 11, 2012

CEPS endorses education ‘champions’ in local races Santa Monica Daily Press

Santa Monica Education Advocacy Group Backs Challengers in Field with Few Incumbents Santa Monica Lookout



Passing Muster with CEPS
October 4, 2006

CEPS nods: Eight is Enough
October 12, 2004

City Finds Cash for Schools
May 13, 2004

CEPS May Drop Charter Amendment
May 7, 2004

School Board to Consider Funding Comprimise
May 6, 2004

Volunteers Push CEPS Numbers Over the Top
April 27, 2004

School Boosters Prep For Big Push
April 14, 2004

Pink Slips For Teachers Are In The Mail
March 6, 2004

School Boosters Launch Petition Drive
February 7, 2004

School Advocates Ready to Tackle Homework
January 29, 2004

School Advocates Have Educated A Community
January 23, 2004

School Supporters Give City Hall Ultimatum
January 7, 2004
Education Group Weighs in on Local Races
October 4, 2006
CEPS Gives Eight Council Candidates Passing Grades, Fails Feinstein
October 12, 2004
School Funding Agreement Scales Final Hurdle

May 12, 2004
CEPS, School Board Support Funding Agreement; Ballot Measure Unlikely

May 7, 2004
City and District Official Agree on Funding Compromise

May 5, 2004
Negotiated School Funding Agreement Imminent

May 4, 2004
CEPS Capitalizes on Election Day

March 3, 2004
Chamber Board Votes to Back CEPS Amendment

February 24, 2004
Group Files Measure for Council School Funding
January 6, 2004
School Funding Deal Could Prevent Divisive Election
May 7, 2004
Santa Monicans Try To Increase School Funding
January 24, 2004